Private Yoga

One-on-One Yoga Instruction

New to yoga or looking to deepen your practice?

Private instruction in asana, pranayama and meditation for all levels of ability: Beginning students will learn yoga basics and gain confidence. More advanced students will bring their practice to a higher level of skill and understanding.

Private 60-minute session:  $125 (add $25 for each additional person)

5 session package: $550

10 session package: $1000

Explore specific areas of interest, such as alignment, flexibility, balance, strength, meditation and pranayama.

Private lessons are offered at your home or office.

Email with questions and to book a private session.


Private Prenatal Partners’ Workshop

Private one-hour session at your home: $125 a couple
Semi-private (two or three couples) 75-minute session: $90 a couple

This workshop will provide you and your birth partner with critical knowledge and confidence, as well as tools to support labor and childbirth. Expect to:

–Learn non-medicated coping strategies and increase your birth preparation through yoga, breath and massage practice.

–Learn and practice specific yoga postures and massage techniques to ease pregnancy and labor discomforts and help advance labor. We will practice partner poses that will encourage partner participation in the birth process.

–Learn how to relieve labor pain and discomfort using specific breath practices and essential oils that also aid in gaining energy, focusing the mind and deepening relaxation.

No yoga experience necessary.

Email with questions and to book a private session.